The Slatin Report

<p>By nearly any measure, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hollywood has been radically transformed in the last 10 years, becoming a bar-hopper’s dream, a gourmet’s destination, and a rising shopping and housing district.</p>
Apr 10, 2008   The Slatin Report
<p>The St. Joe Company appears to be streamlining its real estate operations as work begins on a new regional airport that could open up the The Florida Peninsula.</p>
Nov 6, 2007   The Slatin Report
As design proposals come in for the Hudson Yards development site in Manhattan, Peter Slatin writes that this project more than any other has the potential to bolster the economic power of New York City in a huge way.
Oct 12, 2007   The Slatin Report
<p>Announcing a deal that will further sharpen the fierce competition in the hotel industry, the seemingly insatiable Blackstone Group is set to acquire Hilton Hotels Corp. for more than $26 billion.</p>
Jul 6, 2007   The Slatin Report
<p>Shanghai's market may have tanked, but its planners see an upside in Miami Beach. So do Mumbai's.</p>
Mar 3, 2007   The Slatin Report
<p>A staggering $360 million refinance of a gritty 1,800-unit complex from the 1950's is another indicator that high profits can be found in long-overlooked inner-city neighborhoods.</p>
Feb 16, 2007   The Slatin Report
<p>Home Depot and Apple are dropping plans for two big Manhattan stores. The Slatin Report offers the insider's view on the deals.</p>
Jan 26, 2007   The Slatin Report
<p>As signs of a housing bubble continue to emerge, one corner of the market seems unperturbed -- the market for homes that sell for $5 million and up.</p>
Nov 19, 2006   The Slatin Report
The reconstruction of New Orleans is also reconfiguring the city's demographics.
Sep 27, 2006   The Slatin Report
A proposed minimum wage ordinance in the City of Chicago to require higher wages for urban big box employees is defeated.
Sep 15, 2006   The Slatin Report
The three tower designs unveiled for Ground Zero last week mostly miss the point, writes The Slatin Report: It's not about them.
Sep 11, 2006   The Slatin Report