Taipei Times

An urban renewal development reaches a violent climax as a clash breaks out between construction workers and protesters.
Jun 26, 2012   Taipei Times
One family in Taipei has rallied support for "victims of urban renewal" after the city demolished their home to make way for high-rise apartments, Loa Lok-Sin reports.
Jun 12, 2012   Taipei Times
A 200-mile high-speed rail line is spurring development in the rural counties along the island's west coast.
Jul 29, 2004   Taipei Times
The new stations will feature wireless internet, advanced ATMs, and even free clinics.
Jun 19, 2004   Taipei Times
The Taipei 101 office building is now the tallest in the world.
Oct 20, 2003   Taipei Times
The 101-story, US$1.7 billion building in Taipei's Hsinyi District will stand 16m taller than the current tallest building in Shanghai.
Jul 2, 2003   Taipei Times