Democracy Now!

<p>Inventor, visionary, and architect Buckminster Fuller used design to tackle problems including homelessness and environmental degradation.</p>
Jun 26, 2008   Democracy Now!
As local governments consider affordable community-owned broadband Internet access, they clash with cable and telephone service providers.
Dec 9, 2004   Democracy Now!
Twenty years after one of the world's worst environmental disasters, an elaborate hoax puts it back into the media spotlight.
Dec 6, 2004   Democracy Now!
Amy Goodman interviews David Helvarg and George Monbiot about extreme weather and the effects of global warming.
Aug 17, 2004   Democracy Now!
Despite a million dollar public relations effort, Wal-Mart plans for a "Supercenter" in Inglewood, CA, were thwarted by a historic grassroots intiative.
Apr 24, 2004   Democracy Now!
A Pentagon-commissioned report concludes that in the next 20 years the impact of global climate change could lead to millions of deaths from war and natural disasters.
Mar 1, 2004   Democracy Now!
Scientists accuse the Bush administration of distorting science to make it appear to support the administration's policy goals.
Feb 26, 2004   Democracy Now!
An interview with environmental reporter and author Ross Gelbspan.
Sep 23, 2003   Democracy Now!
How the Federal Emergency Management Agency encourages coastal sprawl.
Sep 22, 2003   Democracy Now!
Critics say EPA chief Christie Todd Whitman, who stepped down last week, played an active role in weakening environmental protections.
Jul 2, 2003   Democracy Now!