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A mixture of both is needed for neighborhoods to work, writes Wendell Cox.
Jun 8, 2005   Heartland Institute
The U.S. could provide energy efficient cars for all travel by low-income transit riders for less than the cost of transit subsidies.
Jul 8, 2004   Heartland Institute
Does the new report by Good Jobs First about smart growth resulting in better jobs also confirm that smart growth raises housing prices?
Nov 24, 2003   Heartland Institute
Wendell Cox charges that the notorious Romanian Communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, is the father of smart growth.
Nov 10, 2003   Heartland Institute
From Seattle to Atlanta to Sioux City, federal largesse has generated an intense debate about whether urban rail "works."
Sep 27, 2003   Heartland Institute
Wendell Cox critiques a recent report on sprawl and obesity, and puts the findings in context.
Sep 4, 2003   Heartland Institute
The thrust of contemporary urban planning might make sense if we were bees or ants. But we aren't, writes Wendell Cox.
Aug 11, 2003   Heartland Institute
Wendell Cox offers his review of the 13 myths of urban sprawl to coincide with the myth of Friday the 13th.
Jun 13, 2003   Heartland Institute