Livable Places

In "L.A. the King of Sprawl, Not at All," Robert Bruegmann reports that Los Angeles is one of the densest areas in the country. His article reinforces the notion that L.A. is already a very dense place, but is it true?
Sep 20, 2006   Livable Places
Livable Places publishes a guide for 'car junkies' on how to give up driving in Los Angeles.
Apr 30, 2005   Livable Places
Livable Places staff members leave their cars at home and opt for a smart growth lifestyle in Los Angeles.
Apr 28, 2005   Livable Places
Livable Places explains the impact of allowing the construction of new "fee-simple" town homes in areas zoned for apartments or commercial development.
Mar 1, 2005   Livable Places
Livable Places has developed a brief paper that de-mystifies the current dynamics of the housing market in Los Angeles.
Aug 9, 2004   Livable Places
Livable Places has developed a fact sheet with incentives cities and counties can provide to assist transit-oriented development.
Nov 6, 2003   Livable Places
One of the biggest barriers to new development in urban areas is parking.
Jul 23, 2003   Livable Places
A new study finds that inclusionary zoning did not have a negative impact on housing production in California cities.
May 16, 2003   Livable Places
Livable Places offers a fact sheet showing how the financial burden of owning a car may preclude homeownership.
Apr 12, 2003   Livable Places