Few cities have such a passionate love affair with their NFL franchise as does Buffalo with its Bills. Given the current questions about ownership and the age of its current stadium, could a new stadium help revitalize the city?
Aug 9, 2014   ArtVoice
Are there two many stores? Growing evidence says yes, that the retail market is unlikely to spring back and with the shift to internet spending, it's likely that we've already got more retail space than we need.
Jun 11, 2010   ArtVoice
<p>Bruce Fisher laments Buffalo's decades-old decision to put their university campus outside of town, missing the lesson that "eds and meds" are central to the prosperity of a city.</p>
Jun 23, 2008   ArtVoice
<p>The senior population of Erie County, New York, is rising. A 2006 storm revealed difficulties in providing medical services to these seniors because of the sprawled out and cul-de-sac heavy development model. A bill seeks to make that model smarter.</p>
Jun 9, 2008   ArtVoice
Buffalo's New World Street Market aims to improve life on the West Side one street at a time.
Apr 6, 2003   ArtVoice