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Despite having the world's most energy efficient, least polluting auto fleet, greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector continue to rise in Sweden.
Jun 14, 2011   Common Dreams
<p>Poverty rates in the United States are at a 32-year high, and a new study suggests that 58% of Americans will experience poverty at least once in their lives.</p>
Feb 25, 2007   Common Dreams
The controversial use of eminent domain to keep Wal-Mart out of Hercules, CA is criticized as a means of keeping lower-income shoppers away.
May 30, 2006   Common Dreams
Eight months after hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still struggling with devastated infrastructure, overburdened and understaffed hospitals, and a denuded public housing stock.
Apr 27, 2006   Common Dreams
While some effort has been made to re-direct hurricane debris from the landfill, environmentalists charge that there are no plans to recycle New Orleans' building materials, leaving a "massive environmental liability for the future."
Apr 14, 2006   Common Dreams
Market forces alone haven't been able to generate needed investments in areas devastated by Katrina, and people have nothing to return to without those investments. A new idea has promise.
Feb 17, 2006   Common Dreams
While President Bush admitted that the United States is addicted to oil, he offered few real remedies. To address this gap, Michael Brune of the Rainforest Action Network offers a '12-Step' energy program for America.
Feb 7, 2006   Common Dreams
A citizens' group, angered over the Supreme Court's recent controversial eminent domain decision, is seeking to use the new law to evict Supreme Court Justice David Souter from his own home.
Jan 24, 2006   Common Dreams
Suburban and exurban developments are pushing traditional land uses aside at a rate of more than a million acres of rural land per year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Dec 15, 2005   Common Dreams
Ensuring that America's technologically-reliant but vulnerable cities can survive natural disasters and other disruptions may mean that Americans have to look beyond their traditional value of "self-reliance" -- and possibly redefine what it means to be a
Nov 10, 2005   Common Dreams
Between its excellent public transit, its dignified approach to providing for the poor and its emphasis on planning for people, not cars, Curitiba Brazil is one of the world's most livable cities, writes Bill McKibben.
Nov 9, 2005   Common Dreams