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Despite having the world's most energy efficient, least polluting auto fleet, greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector continue to rise in Sweden.
Jun 14, 2011   Common Dreams
<p>Stan Cox argues that the massive square footage of so many modern houses -- no matter how "energy efficient" the construction -- is a luxury the planet can no longer afford.</p>
Mar 16, 2008   Common Dreams
<p>Filmmaker Danny Schechter reflects on the extent of America's debt crisis, and wonders if we need something like the Oscars to help name and identify those responsible.</p>
Feb 28, 2008   Common Dreams
<p>If 'peak oil' makes oil-intensive industrial agriculture economically unfeasible, will suburbanites need to turn their lawns into farming plots?</p>
Jan 25, 2008   Common Dreams
<p>The launch of the Tata microcar has raised concerns about a huge magnification of traffic congestion and pollution. But without changes in the developed world, such criticisms are hypocritical, write Brendan Smith, Tim Costello and Jeremy Brecher.</p>
Jan 23, 2008   Common Dreams
<p>The massive farm bill making its way through Congress will only perpetuate social and environmental sustainability. What's also needed is legislation to boost the urban economics of local food production, writes Christopher Cook.</p>
Dec 21, 2007   Common Dreams
<p>The mortgage crisis is contributing to a dramatic increase in homeless families.</p>
Oct 15, 2007   Common Dreams
<p>Recent attempts to "greenwash" Wal-Mart in the media don't hold water, write Ruben Garcia and Andrea Buffa.</p>
Oct 3, 2007   Common Dreams
<p>Mass demolitions of apartments and housing discrimination are adding to African-Americans' post-Katrina recovery woes.</p>
Sep 27, 2007   Common Dreams
<p>By denying that the American housing market was artificially inflated, and by keeping interest rates low and encouraging risky mortgage lending, the Federal Reserve contributed significantly to the inevitable bursting of the housing bubble.</p>
Sep 9, 2007   Common Dreams
<p>The pending Senate Energy Bill will support a "new generation" nuclear power plants. But they will be no different from the last generation, which have been a "lethal failure" according to Harvey Wasserman.</p>
Aug 21, 2007   Common Dreams