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A planned tunnel under the Bosphorus to connect Asia and Europe by rail has ground to a halt because of the extensive archeological discoveries at the dig.
Dec 1, 2009   Voice Of America
<p>Medford Oregon's newly opened public library is about to close its doors -- but it is just one of 15 across the region suffering from a loss of federal subsidies.</p>
Mar 26, 2007   Voice Of America
Rising temperatures are changing native Alaskan's way of life.
Aug 11, 2006   Voice Of America
A U.S. firm is testing new smart parking meters that use sonar technology to reset its timer when a car leaves a parking space.
Aug 8, 2006   Voice Of America
The Voice of America profiles Junhan Tan, an urban planning and cinema student from Singapore studying at USC.
Feb 5, 2005   Voice Of America
If the U.S. presidential election is close, Bush and Kerry's stance on environmental issues may play a decisive role.
Oct 2, 2004   Voice Of America
The National Museum of the American Indian opens in Washington D.C.
Sep 22, 2004   Voice Of America
What is the state of the nation's environment? Bush and Kerry provide contrasting answers.
Apr 25, 2004   Voice Of America
Frank Lloyd Wright's grandson hope to build his grandfather's plan for a dream city.
Jul 12, 2003   Voice Of America
New Urbanism can help Americans become healthier by making cities more pedestrian-friendly.
May 12, 2003   Voice Of America
The Voice Of America interviews ground zero architect Daniel Liebeskind on his plans for the WTC Center site.
Mar 24, 2003   Voice Of America