Esther Zandberg calls on Israeli architects and planners to refuse to design in Ariel, a sliver of land that goes deep into Palestinian territory. "Architecture is the implementer of political decisions," says Zandberg.
Sep 4, 2010   Haaretz
Will a new Frank Gehry building revive Jerusalem's declining commercial center?
May 3, 2004   Haaretz
Israel is rapidly building new train lines to battle American-style automobile dependence.
Jan 2, 2004   Haaretz
Israel has over 10,000 pages of building regulations, construction standards and building guidelines-- often with contradictions between the laws and the regulations.
Dec 31, 2003   Haaretz
Is your city's permitting process difficult? The Tel Aviv Municipality (Israel) permitting system is much, much worse.
Mar 4, 2003   Haaretz