Esther Zandberg calls on Israeli architects and planners to refuse to design in Ariel, a sliver of land that goes deep into Palestinian territory. "Architecture is the implementer of political decisions," says Zandberg.
Sep 4, 2010   Haaretz
In an op-ed, architect Hillel Schocken calls for greater density in Israel, which he says has 1/5th the public density of Paris.
Jun 21, 2010   Haaretz
A new 50,000 seat amphitheater is being planned for construction in Tel Aviv's new urban park, which was built on top of a garbage dump.
Sep 4, 2009   Haaretz
Bicycle activists in Tel Aviv call for better infrastructure for bicyclists, skaters and pedestrians. "The central question is: Who is the city for - for the car or for the people?" says one.
Jan 19, 2009   Haaretz
<p>Israel has announced plans to require green building standards on new constructions, but some say the requirements don't go far enough.</p>
Jan 1, 2008   Haaretz
<p>When developers made plans for a housing development on land an Israeli kibbutz had to sell off, planners said the required rezoning was out of the question. But five years later and still without planners' approval, the courts have allowed project.</p>
Dec 6, 2007   Haaretz
<p>Zalul, an Israeli environmental organization dedicated to preserving the country's marine environments, has released a report harshly critical of municipal sewerage and industrial wastewater practices.</p>
Oct 22, 2007   Haaretz
<p>On the verge of expanding the city limits, Jerusalem's National Planning and Building Council has postponed a decision for two months amid protests from environmentalists and concerned citizens.</p>
Oct 18, 2006   Haaretz
One of Israel's most unconventional planning professors looks back on his career as an outsider.
Jun 26, 2005   Haaretz
From synagogues to bathhouses, The Center for Jewish Art seeks to document endangered historic Jewish buildings around the world facing the threat of extinction.
Sep 18, 2004   Haaretz
Tel Aviv planning commission grapples with issues of preservation, economic development, and private property rights.
Aug 2, 2004   Haaretz