A blighted abandoned rail corridor through South Los Angeles received funding to plan a rail to trail conversion. Can residents compel officials to complete the sorely needed open space facility?
Oct 29, 2014   KPCC
A protest last week through downtown Los Angeles was meant to raise awareness of local activists' concerns that Los Angeles County Metro is displacing working class people and small businesses as it develops land adjacent to its stations.
Sep 17, 2012   KPCC
Although the first segment of the state's recently approved high-speed rail line terminates in California's Central Valley, a significant portion of the initial funding will go to improving rail lines from San Diego to San Francisco.
Jul 22, 2012   KPCC
The University of California, Los Angeles has begun operations on a new kind of library -- one that rents bikes out to students.
Oct 28, 2010   KPCC
An interview with Andro Linklater, the author of "Measuring America: How an Untamed Wilderness Shaped the United States and Fulfilled the Promise of Democracy."
Feb 18, 2003   KPCC