Seattle Weekly

The growth of Seattle growth is inflaming passions on either side of the issue—some claim that the city wants everyone to "live in cubicles"; others say the city isn't doing enough to prepare for 120,000 expected new residents.
Sep 12, 2014   Seattle Weekly
A look at the NewHolly HOPE VI public housing development, complete with successes and failures.
Jul 15, 2005   Seattle Weekly
The latest cost estimate for Seattle's planned monorail could run as high as $14 billion -- $1 billion per mile.
Jul 2, 2005   Seattle Weekly
A Washington Native American tribe confronts the state for building over the burial sites of its ancestors.
Mar 8, 2005   Seattle Weekly
Would you pay $6 billion for a 13-stop system?
Mar 6, 2005   Seattle Weekly
A developer's vision for terminal 46 is opposed by the Port of Seattle and the longshore workers.
May 1, 2004   Seattle Weekly
The Seattle Weekly uncovers a quietly-growing backlash against the Seattle Monorail by the projects one-time supporters.
Mar 5, 2004   Seattle Weekly
With a new rail plan, the Seattle region's public transit agency invents a new way to make transit developers engage the community.
Jan 12, 2004   Seattle Weekly
Can Joni Earl turn around Sound Transit -- an agency that was once synonymous with "train wreck."
Jul 3, 2003   Seattle Weekly
Historic preservation? It's just so yesterday.
Feb 3, 2003   Seattle Weekly