Seattle Weekly

As Seattle considers a $900 million levy proposed by Mayor Ed Murray, locals are already wondering if new transit investments are precursor of unwanted gentrification.
May 13, 2015   Seattle Weekly
The growth of Seattle growth is inflaming passions on either side of the issue—some claim that the city wants everyone to "live in cubicles"; others say the city isn't doing enough to prepare for 120,000 expected new residents.
Sep 12, 2014   Seattle Weekly
In Seattle, parking spaces are reserved for people who carpool into downtown. But in recent years, an increasing amount of those parking spaces are empty.
May 21, 2010   Seattle Weekly
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has produced a spoof political ad to mock the preservation of the city's controversial Alaskan Way Viaduct, although he may run into ethics violations for using a City Hall production crew.
Jun 2, 2006   Seattle Weekly
The controversial highway redevelopment isn't as massive as Boston's Big Dig, but it represents equally weighty issues for the future of the city.
Apr 22, 2006   Seattle Weekly
New solar-powered pay kiosks are increasing city revenue at formerly metered or free spaces, and new plans are afoot to rollback after hours free parking, meaning nights and weekends could cost drivers.
Apr 17, 2006   Seattle Weekly
Read about 20 experts' vision for a perfect art world in Seattle.
Mar 29, 2006   Seattle Weekly
A former Seattle Mayor shells out close to $1 million for development rights over the Lusty Lady strip club, after the owners refuse to sell.
Mar 28, 2006   Seattle Weekly
The administration espouses a 'Housing First' approach, yet cities lack the resources necessary for implementation.
Mar 16, 2006   Seattle Weekly
Although more expensive, replacing a critical yet obsolete viaduct with a tunnel would leave the most room for development.
Mar 11, 2006   Seattle Weekly
The monorail might not be complete by 2009, but an impressive light-rail line could be.
Feb 13, 2006   Seattle Weekly