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<p>This piece from <em>Smart Growth Online</em> looks at transit oriented development near transit and freight facilities -- dubbed "cargo oriented development" -- as discusses how it can create value in neglected industrial areas.</p>
Nov 10, 2007   Smart Growth Online
Conservationists applauded the measure, but some business groups are worried that it may stop growth.
Jul 21, 2005   Smart Growth Online
Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities releases commissioned paper.
Jul 1, 2004   Smart Growth Online
This 120-page primer describes concrete 100 policies and techniques for putting the ten smart growth principles into practice.
Dec 10, 2003   Smart Growth Online
The SBA agrees to evaluate environmental and growth impacts of its loans as part of a lawsuit settlement.
Apr 13, 2003   Smart Growth Online
Charlotte Observer associate editor Mary Newsom writes that misusing the term "Smart Growth" will give the movement a bad name.
Dec 29, 2002   Smart Growth Online