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<p>This piece from <em>Smart Growth Online</em> looks at transit oriented development near transit and freight facilities -- dubbed "cargo oriented development" -- as discusses how it can create value in neglected industrial areas.</p>
Nov 10, 2007   Smart Growth Online
<p>This article from <em>Smart Growth Online</em> looks at the increasing concentration of fast food restaurants in many cities and the resulting impact on public health, and also offers some advice to communities for using land use strategies to limit the i</p>
Nov 16, 2006   Smart Growth Online
Thirty-two organizations have come together to release "This Is Smart Growth," a new publication from ICMA and the Smart Growth Network, which illustrates and explains smart growth concepts and values, using 40 examples from around the country.
Sep 21, 2006   Smart Growth Online
Dealing with stormwater runoff and the pollutants it carries has been the responsibility of civil engineers for decades. But it's been suggested that planners and architects elevate this infrastructural concern to the heights of community design.
Aug 9, 2006   Smart Growth Online
Cul-de-sacs remain popular with homebuyers (and therefore developers), but some American cities are taking steps to limit or even prohibit their use.
Jul 21, 2006   Smart Growth Online
As the country's housing preferences shift from the widely spread to the urban and dense, the prevalence of transit-oriented development planning increases.
Jul 12, 2006   Smart Growth Online
How the opinions of smart growth practitioners are critical for a process that results in transportation choice, transit performance, and successful community investment by the FTA.
Jan 7, 2006   Smart Growth Online
The Louisiana Recovery and Rebuilding conference covered a variety of topics, including goals and design principles for rebuilding, and community & economic development.
Dec 18, 2005   Smart Growth Online
The American Planning Association offers a workbook about hazards and how they affect communities.
Oct 11, 2005   Smart Growth Online
New South Wales' three-year environmental education plan aims to improve sustainable living.
Aug 28, 2005   Smart Growth Online
Zipcar plans to open offices in 11 other metro areas.
Jul 31, 2005   Smart Growth Online