Reconnecting America

Reconecting America has assembled its Transit Space Race guide for 2013, a handy interactive map and spreadsheet of the 721 fixed guideway projects being planned or built across the U.S. The projects represent more than $250 billion in investments.
Jul 26, 2013   Reconnecting America
Jeff Wood of Reconnecting America interviewed a variety of thought leaders at the recent Congress for the New Urbanism. In this video, he talks with Jeff Tumlin about getting Santa Monica, California to embrace growth.
Jun 16, 2011   Reconnecting America
Mike Lydon discusses the importance of creating "bikeway networks" -- systems of bike lanes and infrastructures that have varied forms for varied situations.
Feb 14, 2010   Reconnecting America
Prof. Robert Cervero at UC Berkeley studied parking needs at transit-oriented developments in the Bay Area and Portland and found that, on average, they exceeded peak demand by 25-30%.
Dec 21, 2009   Reconnecting America
HUD-subsidized housing in transit-oriented developments could become more expensive as it ages out and TOD becomes more popular, says a new study by AARP, Reconnecting America and the National Housing Trust.
Oct 1, 2009   Reconnecting America
A new report from the National Research Council seeks to establish the scientific basis for the relationships among development patterns, VMT, and energy consumption. So what did they find?
Sep 3, 2009   Reconnecting America
Dr. Ming Zhang of the University of Texas at Austin says that Asian cities, despite their density, have a lot to learn from Western transit-oriented development practices.
Aug 26, 2009   Reconnecting America
Shelley Poticha, President and CEO of Reconnecting America and past executive director of the Congress for New Urbanism, has been appointed Senior Advisor for Sustainable Housing and Communities at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Jul 24, 2009   Reconnecting America
<p>Aerial trams are an effective, if idiosyncratic, mode of transportation. Reconnecting America's Jeff Wood reflects on how and when to explore this dramatic transit option.</p>
Jun 12, 2007   Reconnecting America
A study by Reconnecting America&#146;s Center for Transit Oriented Development shows that demand for compact housing near transit is likely to more than double by 2025.
Oct 23, 2004   Reconnecting America
Air travel service nationwide declined since 9/11 with many large airports experiencing a decrease in the double digits -- nearly twice the reduction in demand -- according to a new report.
Dec 20, 2002   Reconnecting America