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A group of high technology firms, led by IBM and Cisco, are plunging into the city management business to offer super-efficient new-generation computerized information and control systems.
Jan 9, 2012   Citistates Group
How often do the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times push a story the same day with the same point of view? It's rare.
Jan 12, 2003   Citistates Group
Neal Peirce responds to tough questions about smart growth and regionalism posed by prominent California economist Steven Levy.
Jan 8, 2003   Citistates Group
The worriers over growth propose to fund 25 regions for demonstration projects.
Dec 17, 2002   Citistates Group
Neal Peirce writes about 'Absentocracy' -- a revolving door of in-and-out leadership that's left many communities adrift.
Dec 9, 2002   Citistates Group
Regionalists have a lot of mountains to climb -- starting with daily newspaper, the very voice they'd expect to champion their cause, writes Neal Peirce in his weblog.
Nov 27, 2002   Citistates Group