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A group of high technology firms, led by IBM and Cisco, are plunging into the city management business to offer super-efficient new-generation computerized information and control systems.
Jan 9, 2012   Citistates Group
Alex Marshall on Seattle's advancing monorail project.
Sep 21, 2004   Citistates Group
Discussing important transportation issues should be part of the presidential campaigns.
Apr 1, 2004   Citistates Group
Curtis Johnson explains the challenges in applying planning principles in Baghdad.
Feb 4, 2004   Citistates Group
The I-91/Connecticut River corridor, stretching from the Connecticut coast to Northampton, Mass. is calling itself the "Knowledge Corridor."
Jun 26, 2003   Citistates Group
Why hasn't Personal Rapid Transit technology not yet found it's natural market?
May 29, 2003   Citistates Group
Neal Peirce comments on an alarming report from the National Housing Conference and worries about the impact of the housing crisis on the economy.
May 7, 2003   Citistates Group
Neal Peirce says that youth can help in the search for regional solutions.
Apr 8, 2003   Citistates Group
Neal Peirce reviews Boston's Indicators Project which provides high quality data and information about Boston.
Mar 20, 2003   Citistates Group
The Citistates Group predicts the dominating regional issues for 2003.
Feb 13, 2003   Citistates Group
The barons of Brentwood, Tennessee find the prospect of people walking to work in nearby offices about as attractive as second-hand smoke in a doctor’s office.
Jan 31, 2003   Citistates Group