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Fair housing has taken national stage in recent weeks—a Supreme Court ruling and a Department of Housing and Urban Development rule now define fair housing. The New Jersey Supreme Court has also had its say on the subject, and cities are catching up.
Jul 11, 2015   The Star-Ledger
NJ Dept. Of Environment Protection plans to abandon an emissions trading program similar to the one being promoted at the national level by the USEPA.
Sep 18, 2002   The Star-Ledger
New Jersey towns are to blame as only 272 towns out of 566 have saught protection under the Council on Affordable Housing.
Aug 6, 2002   The Star-Ledger
New Jersey State Supreme Court upheld its controversial descisions that supports housing for the poor.
Aug 4, 2002   The Star-Ledger
Federal legislation to protect 100,000 acres of forested watersheds in NJ and NY.
Jul 19, 2002   The Star-Ledger
The Pinelands region is threatened with encroaching developments. Its future depends on Gov. James E. McGreevey.
Jul 8, 2002   The Star-Ledger
New Jersey is committing money to save general aviation airports around the state. The small airports are threatened by development and other pressures.
Jun 24, 2002   The Star-Ledger
An extensive special report examines land use in New Jersey by looking at The Hills, a 5,100-unit collection of townhouses and single-family homes, commercial strips and office buildings, that's home to about 10,000 people.
Jun 11, 2002   The Star-Ledger
Congress will consider a plan to separate big rigs and cars on freeways.
Jun 7, 2002   The Star-Ledger
The Fund for New Jersey's 35-page report could be a blueprint for Gov. James E. McGreevey
Feb 7, 2002   The Star-Ledger
A week after angering sprawl foes by sacking the state's entire planning office, the New Jersey governor signs a sweeping new anti-sprawl order.
Feb 2, 2002   The Star-Ledger