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At best, it will take seven years to build the Amtrak Gateway tunnels, the replacement of Access to the Region's Core. If one of the existing two aging tunnels has to be shut to make repairs before the project is completed, commute nightmare ensues.
Nov 9, 2014   The Star-Ledger
In a sweeping act NJ Legislature approves a bill to preserve the northern Highlands and protect the water supply for half the state.
Jun 11, 2004   The Star-Ledger
New Jersey publishes a tri-color map to help fight sprawl.
Apr 8, 2003   The Star-Ledger
A builder hired private investigators to go undercover, gain trust, and secretly tape city officlals for two years.
Mar 31, 2003   The Star-Ledger
New Jersey has one of the nation's most chaotic traffic patterns. Is mass transit up to the challenge?
Mar 7, 2003   The Star-Ledger
Gov. James E. McGreevey blames urban sprawl for New Jersey's problems.
Jan 16, 2003   The Star-Ledger
New Jersey Governor James E. commits to pursuing a smart growth vision for the state.
Oct 28, 2002   The Star-Ledger
How can you measure the success of sprawl-control initiatives? Here's a checklist...
Oct 28, 2002   The Star-Ledger
The Star-Ledger offers an introduction to the "McMansionization" of New Jersey.
Oct 22, 2002   The Star-Ledger
A poll finds that New Jerseyans are concerned about sprawl but can't agree on the solutions.
Sep 30, 2002   The Star-Ledger
NJ Dept. Of Environment Protection plans to abandon an emissions trading program similar to the one being promoted at the national level by the USEPA.
Sep 18, 2002   The Star-Ledger