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The facts are in—N.J. Gov Chris Christie did not know of the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, much less order them, according to an internal report commissioned by the governor himself that did not interview any of the key witnesses.
Mar 29, 2014   The Star-Ledger
With the second highest share of transit usage in the U.S., a new study three years in the making assesses the development opportunities around the New Jersey's 243 transit stations.
Oct 1, 2012   The Star-Ledger
A law requiring New Jersey towns to ensure 10 percent of new units are affordable now awaits a vote by the State Assembly.
Nov 10, 2010   The Star-Ledger
As city and state budgets tighten, town in New Jersey are looking to join forces and share services.
Sep 16, 2009   The Star-Ledger
Piscataway, New Jersey has a booming Muslim Center that wants to expand, including adding a new parking lot and adding a 45-ft. minaret. Locals are complaining about the impact to traffic, light pollution, and 'parking havoc.'
Sep 1, 2009   The Star-Ledger
<p>New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine's plan to convert the state's highways to toll roads is in danger of being voted down by the state senate.</p>
Feb 11, 2008   The Star-Ledger
<p>New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is pushing a bill that would offer tax credits of up to $75 million to businesses that locate within a half-mile of a transit station.</p>
Jan 4, 2008   The Star-Ledger
A New Jersey township that has been a leader in downtown planning is planning to integrate arts-based development into its successful downtown mix.
Aug 13, 2006   The Star-Ledger
Lawmakers in several states are trying to limit the impact of the Supreme Court's eminent domain ruling
Jul 20, 2005   The Star-Ledger
In a sweeping act NJ Legislature approves a bill to preserve the northern Highlands and protect the water supply for half the state.
Jun 11, 2004   The Star-Ledger
New Jersey publishes a tri-color map to help fight sprawl.
Apr 8, 2003   The Star-Ledger