Minnesota Public Radio

From solar panels to waste-to-energy to geothermal systems, small cities across Minnesota are exploring ways to take advantage of the latest in distributed energy generation technologies to reduce costs and improve local economies.
Sep 12, 2013   Minnesota Public Radio
The Congressional Oversight Committee tasked with looking into the economic crisis says in a new report that there is a continuing risk of banks holding onto troubled assets, including real estate. Minnesota Public Radio talks to noted experts.
Aug 14, 2009   Minnesota Public Radio
Voters in suburban Minnesota will vote on whether to invest $10 million to preserve a closed golf course. Or they could save the $10 million and allow a developer to build houses. But many say it will be cheaper in the long term to buy now.
Oct 22, 2008   Minnesota Public Radio
<p>While plans for three BRT lines are in the works, a shortage of transit funds is threatening to keep them from becoming reality -- at least any time soon.</p>
Dec 11, 2006   Minnesota Public Radio
Light rail comes out the winner in another showdown against train vs. bus in Minneapolis-St. Paul.
Jul 2, 2006   Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota Public Radio interviews Professor Ann Markusen about her research analyzing the economic impact of artists.
Mar 22, 2004   Minnesota Public Radio
The governor's race in Minnesota may be decided by candidates' views on transportation.
Oct 15, 2002   Minnesota Public Radio