Ann Arbor News

Scientists at the University of Michigan are studying ways to replant exurbs in order to capture more atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide.
Aug 27, 2008   Ann Arbor News
In the same vein as Jane Jacobs and William Whyte, Kirk Westphal, a recent graduate of the University of Michigan's Taubman School of Urban Planning, analyzes the success and failures of downtown Ann Arbor.
Oct 5, 2006   Ann Arbor News
Mayor John Hieftje is in full support and leading the charge for the development of a commuter rail system in the greater Ann Arbor area.
Jun 19, 2006   Ann Arbor News
In downtown Ann Arbor, dense high rise development has traditionally been thought of negatively. However, a recent shift in political will has the City approving projects that will add greater density and housing to its commercial core.
Feb 23, 2006   Ann Arbor News
Cairo's historic core has a new park.
Mar 4, 2005   Ann Arbor News
Most suburban home-buyers seek quiet secluded lots away from major roads. So why are some families buying homes near major streets?
Nov 14, 2003   Ann Arbor News
Ann Arbor, MI and neighboring cities are preparing to lose most of their ash trees to the Emerald Ash Borer beetle.
Oct 14, 2002   Ann Arbor News