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The tech industry's push into San Francisco has entailed a fight for political and cultural legitimacy as well as social justice--one that shakes up conventional wisdom about conservatism, progressivism, and progress itself.
Aug 2, 2014   The Nation
<p>Friends of the Earth president Brent Blackwelder and journalist James S. Henry believe that the federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needs to come with some very green strings attached.</p>
Jul 28, 2008   The Nation
<p>As part of a series of articles in <em>The Nation</em> on a New "New Deal", Bill McKibben argues that we need a huge investment of labor and money into green initiatives.</p>
Mar 25, 2008   The Nation
<p>Robert Pollin &amp; Heidi Garrett-Peltier writing in <em>The Nation</em> show that the U.S. has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq that could have been much more productively invested in public goods like sustainable infrastructure.</p>
Mar 18, 2008   The Nation
<p>Protests over the extension of a magnetic levitation train line are evidence of an increasing trend of NIMBYism in China.</p>
Jan 29, 2008   The Nation
<p>Having been particularly targeted by subprime mortgage lenders, neighborhoods with a majority of African American households are bearing the brunt of the housing crisis.</p>
Jan 18, 2008   The Nation
<p>Maintaining and rebuilding America's infrastructure could cost over $1 trillion. What's needed is the political will to create a "Federal Infrastructure Bank".</p>
Aug 10, 2007   The Nation
<p>In transportation, energy, and green technology the U.S. is falling behind, writes Nicholas Von Hoffman.</p>
Apr 20, 2007   The Nation
<p>The American transportation system is not only dated, but it also has a huge impact on the climate. The favored solution -- ethanol -- is no solution at all, writes New York Observer columnist Nicholas von Hoffman.</p>
Apr 11, 2007   The Nation
How environmental activism has changed.
Aug 13, 2006   The Nation
Official neglect, prejudice, cronyism and political inertia are crippling reconstruction efforts in the Gulf states, writes Mike Davis.
Mar 26, 2006   The Nation