The concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is fast approaching levels not seen for millions of years. At 400 parts per million (p.p.m.), the planet is fast approaching the point of no return for avoiding dangerous climate change.
May 1, 2013   Nature
Desertification will be impact hundreds of thousands worldwide.
Jun 22, 2005   Nature
Fighting America's obesity epidemic will required a myriad of lifestyle changes. Nature Medicine investigates communities that are rising to this challenge.
Apr 22, 2005   Nature
Ecologists identify nine new biodiversity 'hot spots' that are home to half the world's plant species.
Feb 3, 2005   Nature
Architects, planners, and environmentalists assista a community to recover from the devastating impact of the Asian tsunami.
Jan 26, 2005   Nature
Could a new generation of traffic lights respond to conditions to ease congestion?
Dec 19, 2004   Nature
A new study examines why it is so hard for so many of us to find our way around cities.
Aug 19, 2004   Nature
A new study analyzes people's reactions produced by the surprisingly loud Maglev trains which make many feel 'insecure' and 'startling'.
Apr 12, 2004   Nature
Many plant and animal species are unlikely to survive climate change, according to new research published in Nature.
Jan 10, 2004   Nature
Lights synchronized to ease jams might be making matters worse. Rush-hour traffic might flow better if lights were set at random.
Jun 4, 2003   Nature
The Illinois Supreme Court put local governments on notice that all parties must be given the floor during land use related public hearing proceedings.
Jan 27, 2003   Nature