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When the Bank of America Tower opened in 2010 it was praised as the world's first LEED Platinum skyscraper. But data on the building's performance, post-occupation, show that it's actually an energy hog and massive greenhouse gas polluter.
Jul 30, 2013   The New Republic
Metropolitan region's make up a major part of the U.S. in terms of population and economic activity. Accordingly, the Brookings Institution was surprised to see how little of the government's first year stimulus package went to those areas.
Feb 21, 2010   The New Republic
The housing market -- and especially the exurban housing market -- played a major role in bringing about the current economic recession, according to this piece from Christopher Leinberger. He says sprawl is unlikely to regain its lost value.
Jan 28, 2010   The New Republic
Detroit can come back using the model of European countries that downsized and densified, restructured their industries and created incubators for innovation, say Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley of Brookings.
Jan 15, 2010   The New Republic
This piece from <em>The New Republic</em> looks at the "urban disaster" of Detroit and compares it to other cities that have come on tough times in the past. Cities like Belfast and Turin offer examples of how Detroit can come back from the dead.
Dec 17, 2009   The New Republic
Undercounting is likely one of the biggest challenges facing the U.S. Census Bureau as it prepares to run its decennial census in April. Certain parts of the country will prove problematic when it comes time to count.
Nov 14, 2009   The New Republic
Significant interest and investment has descended on a plan to create vast solar power plants in the Sahara Desert to power Europe, but the challenges are great, says Reuters.
Aug 28, 2009   The New Republic
Some have grumbled at the Obama Administration's recently-announced standards for light bulbs. But changing industry standards for lighting would have no small effect, says Mark Muro of Brookings.
Jul 7, 2009   The New Republic
<p>Author Alan Ehrenhalt says that conditions are ripe for the permanent return of downtown residential neighborhoods, and that a "demographic inversion" has already begun in Manhattan, Chicago and Washington, DC, among other cities.</p>
Aug 1, 2008   The New Republic
A new book ponders the state of the Everglades after decades of urban encroachment, and how we may restore them to their natural splendor.
Mar 12, 2006   The New Republic
New Orleans can learn a lot from the flood rebuilding of Grand Forks in 1997.
Sep 23, 2005   The New Republic