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A proposal to build and operate the first commercial oil shale production facility “in decades” near the Book Cliffs in Utah is meeting legal opposition from environmental groups.
Jan 26, 2014   Deseret News
New rail stations to open in 2007 will offer residents of towns north of Salt Lake City new economic options.
Jan 2, 2005   Deseret News
The Utah Supreme Court rules that a citizen referendum attempting to overturn a rezone was not appropriate.
Aug 24, 2004   Deseret News
City Council debates benefit of light rail extension to tie intermodal hub into the rest of the light rail system.
Aug 13, 2004   Deseret News
A transportation system on the verge of failure may keep companies from relocating to your area.
Feb 23, 2004   Deseret News
Provo, UT City Council approves $39.5 million to build citywide fiber-optic system.
Jan 23, 2004   Deseret News
Salt Lake City TRAX light rail boosts Utah Transit Authority patronage to more than 100,000 daily trips.
Oct 15, 2003   Deseret News
Utah's Cache Valley grapples with growth and quality of life.
Nov 20, 2002   Deseret News
Can the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints limit certain activities -- like protestin -- on a public pedestrian plaza owned by the church?
Nov 18, 2002   Deseret News
Cities are putting up thousands of dollars to become part of the regional light rail system.
Sep 5, 2002   Deseret News
As suburbia expands into farmlands, suburbanites clash with farmers.
Sep 4, 2002   Deseret News