New Scientist

Animals are more than just guests or co-habitants in our cities, according to an article in New Scientist—they're a critical component of the infrastructure that keeps cities running.
May 6, 2015   New Scientist
<p>Researchers in Japan have created a live model of the so-called "shockwave" theory to explain traffic congestion.</p>
Mar 6, 2008   New Scientist
<p>Scientists are proposing a plan to buffer the Gulf Coast from the brunt of hurricanes by engineering more than 1000 square kilometers of new wetlands along the coast.</p>
Feb 19, 2008   New Scientist
<p>New archaeological findings suggest that ancient Mesopotamian cities did not develop by spreading outward from a central point, but rather by clustering nearby villages into larger cities.</p>
Aug 31, 2007   New Scientist
<p>The Army Corps of Engineers is testing the pumps on an isolated section of a canal in New Orleans to see if water can be pumped from the canal to nearby Lake Pontchartrain faster -- a development that could minimize flooding during future hurricanes.</p>
Aug 20, 2007   New Scientist
<p>Mining has expanded around many of the country's national parks, causing concern that the legal extraction of natural and hazardous materials is harming the protected ecosystems.</p>
Aug 19, 2007   New Scientist
<p>A new report from the United Nations Population Fund argues that cities should be planning ahead to handle the expected population boom in urban areas.</p>
Jul 3, 2007   New Scientist
<p>A new study has shown that increasing urban park space can have a significant effect on reducing city temperatures -- a strategy that could be used to mitigate the temperature increase caused by climate change.</p>
May 16, 2007   New Scientist
The WorldMapper takes cartography and demographics to a whole new level -- these cartograms make stats from international immigration, to tourism and population, sexy.
May 16, 2006   New Scientist
A new service will begin predicting California traffic conditions seven days in advance.
Jul 3, 2005   New Scientist
Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley devise a way to map a city, street by street, recording every window and doorway.
May 5, 2005   New Scientist