The Stranger

A local activist in Seattle has started his own small-scale ad hoc bike sharing system with a handful of free bikes scattered throughout his neighborhood.
Sep 16, 2010   The Stranger
<p>Zoning changes in downtown Seattle have created a more dense area, as was intended. But the zoning changes are also bringing some unintended consequences.</p>
Mar 2, 2008   The Stranger
<p>Hundreds of new townhomes are being built in neighborhoods across Seattle. Neighbors want input into the new housing, but a loophole allows development to move forward under the radar.</p>
Jul 19, 2007   The Stranger
The central district has seen its share of change in architecture, but 'mcmansioning' is a turn for the worse.
Aug 4, 2005   The Stranger
Josh Feit criticizes The Seattle Times' editorial and coverage of Seattle Monorail project.
Mar 10, 2005   The Stranger
The People's Waterfront Coalition (PWC), a group of Seattle activists is lobbying Washington State officials to abandon its costly Bostonesque Alaska Way Viaduct replacement project.
Dec 12, 2004   The Stranger
After reviewing the familiar red/blue election map, The Stranger concludes that urban liberals live in the Urban Archipelago, the United Cities of America.
Nov 18, 2004   The Stranger
This editorial argues that the future of the democratic parties lies in reorienting the party line towards urban issues.
Nov 16, 2004   The Stranger
Capitol Hill is already Seattle's densest neighborhood. Will Seattle City government allow it to grow any further?
Apr 11, 2003   The Stranger
The City of Seattle is voting on November 7 for among many things, a monorail through part of the City.
Oct 8, 2002   The Stranger
An examination of what can happen when public spaces are not designed with public safety in mind.
Aug 26, 2002   The Stranger