China Daily

Reports from Beijing are that Chinese officials are considering a high speed rail project that would connect China to North America. The project sounds like science fiction—but the question remains whether China would or could pull off the project.
May 11, 2014   China Daily
Aggressive steps were taken by China to restrain soaring housing prices and discourage real estate speculation.
May 31, 2006   China Daily
An unchecked building blitz in China's largest cities is destroying the landscape of historic cities.
Mar 3, 2005   China Daily
A new law passed in China's Legislature promises to boost the percentage of renewable energy used by utility operators.
Mar 2, 2005   China Daily
Avant garde projects often fail to achieve harmony with Chinese culture.
Jun 30, 2004   China Daily
The booming city of Shenzhen in South China plans to recruit thousands of experienced overseas planning professionals.
Jun 29, 2004   China Daily
In an effort to encourage sustainable development China seeks to regulate tourism in the Three Gorges area.
Aug 22, 2002   China Daily