Akron Beacon Journal

The Ohio Mechanical Handling Co. reflects back on designing and building the first commercial monorail in the United States for a park in Akron, Ohio.
Aug 12, 2008   Akron Beacon Journal
A single redevelopment law must control the use of eminent domain by Ohio municipalities, townships, and counties, writes Stuart Meck in this editorial.
Apr 29, 2006   Akron Beacon Journal
A new type of store combining the convenience of online ordering with the hands-on experience of browsing a store in person is planned for Columbus, OH.
Jun 2, 2005   Akron Beacon Journal
Loveland, OH, may have the state's first plans for a cohousing development.
Jan 18, 2005   Akron Beacon Journal
Why have nearly 200 communities fought to keep big-box stores out?
Jul 7, 2003   Akron Beacon Journal
A nationally known planner offers his insights, pro bono, to a community group on a proposed high-density housing development in Akron, Ohio.
Dec 3, 2002   Akron Beacon Journal
Urban theorist David Rusk analyzes census data to identify "cities on the slide."
Aug 13, 2002   Akron Beacon Journal