A US federal government report has drawn attention to serious deficiencies in current standards for skyscraper safety.
Jun 28, 2005   INTBAU
The row that started 20 years ago when Prince Charles described a proposed Modernist addition to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, as a "monstrous carbuncle" appears to be at an end.
Sep 17, 2004   INTBAU
The quiet regional university town of Viseu in Portugal is in uproar this week after the University administration apparently moved in Modernist faculty and changed the syllabus of the acclaimed New School of Architecture & Urbanism.
Sep 11, 2004   INTBAU
Routemasters - the loveable London red buses introduced in 1954 - are at the end of the road, says Transport for London, despite massive press and passenger protests.
Sep 10, 2004   INTBAU
Guest essayist Andres Duany discusses the evidence for and against Celebration in Florida.
Aug 12, 2004   INTBAU
Designer fears that World Athletes Monument will be damaged by proposal.
Jul 15, 2004   INTBAU
A remarkable reconstruction effort is underway in Dresden, Germany, a city destroyed during the Second World War.
Jul 3, 2004   INTBAU
An education conference underscores the need to radically rethink on how architects are taught urbanism.
Jun 28, 2004   INTBAU
Off-ramp land deals will generate sprawl and ruin priceless historic landscapes, say opponents of the 1970s scheme, which has recently risen from the dead.
Apr 2, 2004   INTBAU
Critics are outraged over the design of New Acropolis Museum in Athens.
Mar 14, 2004   INTBAU
UK faces crisis over design of new urban development.
Feb 28, 2004   INTBAU