A US federal government report has drawn attention to serious deficiencies in current standards for skyscraper safety.
Jun 28, 2005   INTBAU
Ebay auction of right to smash windows of a building designed by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe raises small sum towards refurbishment of this iconic example of Modernist architecture.
Apr 24, 2005   INTBAU
Bombay Environmental Action Group succeeds in court action seeking withdrawal of modifications to planning regulations that favored mill owners.
Apr 24, 2005   INTBAU
Bombay's cotton mills are an opportunity for regeneration, not an impediment, says INTBAU India
Mar 19, 2005   INTBAU
New Delhi's rich heritage of Lutyens bungalows is safe for now... or is it?
Nov 28, 2004   INTBAU
A plebiscite called by the Bavarian capital's residents has put an end to new high-rise blocks that have encroached on historic views of the city
Nov 23, 2004   INTBAU
A call for modernism to recover the sense of social purpose it enjoyed in the early 20th century.
Nov 15, 2004   INTBAU
The Council for European Urbanism looks set to establish a new UK-based branch focussing on popularising the urban agenda
Oct 31, 2004   INTBAU
Regional Plan Association report says World Trade Centre plans ignore Lower Manhattan resident's wishes.
Oct 6, 2004   INTBAU
Proposals to list the city of Sibiu/Hermannstadt draw attention to other threats to the heritage of the area
Sep 28, 2004   INTBAU
The Council for European Urbanism, formed last September, has now formed its first national branch, with some new members calling for a sharper focus for the organisation.
Sep 18, 2004   INTBAU