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South Carolina members of the Urban Land Institute met in Columbia, South Carolina to offer suggestions for overhauling Assembly Street, a major downtown thoroughfare that separates distinct areas of the urban core.
Oct 17, 2011   The State
<p>A landscape district featuring restored historic gardens is planned for downtown Columbia, South Carolina. The project will serve as a critical "connecting point" for several downtown areas undergoing revitalization.</p>
Nov 29, 2006   The State
<p>The city of Columbia, South Carolina, is crafting an innovative strategy to woo high-tech industries in conjunction with a new downtown research campus.</p>
Nov 22, 2006   The State
South Carolina's capital city, Columbia, is experiencing an unprecedented downtown condo boom. A wide array of people are readily snatching them up, from baby boomers to young professionals.
Sep 12, 2006   The State
Residents of Camden, South Carolina, are fighting to preserve the charm and character of their historic town from the encroaching sprawl from nearby Columbia.
Aug 15, 2006   The State
As more buyers focus on diverse, walkable city areas the tear-down trend comes to Columbia, SC
Jun 14, 2005   The State
A new Associated Press poll finds that while two-thirds altered their routes or allowed more time for a commute, only one in twenty took mass transit.
Jul 5, 2004   The State
From barns to homesteads, many buildings are being stripped of their furnishings and fixtures to fuel a growing style black market.
Jun 24, 2004   The State
A Pennsylvania company specialized in rebuilding 1940s-era streetcars is finding that cities, and commuters, love a trolley.
Jun 23, 2004   The State
Over-regulated housing markets are expensive and the limited availability of land creates sprawl.
Apr 1, 2003   The State
Opponents of the plan argued that the County Council didn't get approval from the county's planning commission.
Jul 18, 2002   The State