Gulf News

The new country of Southern Sudan, officially declaring its independence in July, will have help from the national development arm of South Korea in building a proposed new capital city.
Jun 17, 2011   Gulf News
The driver of a high-speed train in Taiwan fell asleep while going 190 miles per hour with hundreds of passengers on board.
May 10, 2010   Gulf News
Fed up with crowded or non-existent sidewalks, pedestrians in Mumbai are taking to the streets to get more attention on the issue of dangerous walking conditions.
Apr 18, 2008   Gulf News
<p>Developers have announced plans for a 75-kilometer canal to run through Dubai, with waterfront cities and developments all along its banks.</p>
Oct 15, 2007   Gulf News
Eco-friendly bus shelters in New Delhi use solar energy and come equipped with a rain water harvesting facility.
Jul 16, 2002   Gulf News