This episode of <em>DnA</em> wonders whether design and architecture will be able to help Haiti revive itself.
Jan 20, 2010   KCRW
Bagdad is where the first city in history, the city of Ur, was built roughly 4 thousand years ago.
Mar 20, 2003   KCRW
NPR's Science Friday features a segment on planning in Portland.
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Sam Hall Kaplan examines how one of the first communities in the nation to be afflicted with mansionization has fared.
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Mixed use projects can revitalize a city, but not all cities see the light.
Feb 3, 2003   KCRW
Sam Hall Kaplan of KCRW discusses the New York rebuidling process on City Observed.
Oct 3, 2002   KCRW
However engaging Los Angeles' various high profile projects may be... they are not where the future of the city lies.
Jul 14, 2002   KCRW