This Is London

<p>Protests both peaceful and violent are breaking out across Europe and Asia as people's livelihoods begin to suffer from soaring fuel costs, and some stores are running out of food as truck drivers go on strike.</p>
Jun 16, 2008   This Is London
Repercussions to global economy could be worse than those of the Iraq war.
Feb 6, 2005   This Is London
Storms send tons of sewage into London's Thames River.
Aug 8, 2004   This Is London
London's radical experiment to charge drivers of private cars entering central London has reduced air pollution.
May 14, 2004   This Is London
Central London's four most popular tube lines are severely overcrowded. Yet government refuses to invest in a new rail line that would ease congestion and revitalize local communities.
Sep 10, 2003   This Is London
Planners reject a design for an 'invisible house' designed by the architect behind the London Eye.
Sep 8, 2003   This Is London
The UK government is considering charging airlines extra for flying in gridlocked skies instead of expanding airports.
May 25, 2003   This Is London
London's new City Hall will be owned by a private company - what does this mean for public space and citizen interaction?
Jun 15, 2002   This Is London
A &#163;500 million package to reduce traffic congestion will bring back trams to central London for the first time in 50 years.
May 29, 2002   This Is London