Los Angeles Downtown News

Out of concern that L.A.'s downtown properties are not being put to the highest and best use, the City Councilman representing the district has "quietly authored" a motion to incentivize density and place a moratorium on low-rise development.
Oct 15, 2013   Los Angeles Downtown News
'Pod thinking' results in planning that fails to look beyond the small community and encourages NIMBYism, BANANAs, and NIMTOOs.
Jan 23, 2005   Los Angeles Downtown News
'Sometimes the best incentive you can give is to get out of the way.' -- Con Howe, Los Angeles Planning director, reflecting on his strategy for spurring more housing Downtown.
Jan 17, 2005   Los Angeles Downtown News
Mercado La Paloma is an example of a successful program to stimulate small business ownership for dozens of mostly immigrant entrepreneurs.
Nov 13, 2004   Los Angeles Downtown News
Can Los Angeles learn from Chicago and New York about how to make the Los Angeles River a 'sparkling necklace of parks and mixed-use projects'?
Sep 12, 2004   Los Angeles Downtown News
New York native Sam Hall Kaplan sums up his "25 years writing about architecture and urban design in L.A. in a New York minute."
Aug 11, 2004   Los Angeles Downtown News
City planners are attempting to create a 2.4-mile artery through downtown Los Angeles linking the the Walt Disney Concert Hall to East L.A.
May 22, 2004   Los Angeles Downtown News
This commentator's view is that the planning issues in L.A. now revolve around how, not whether, to accommodate increased population density.
May 16, 2002   Los Angeles Downtown News