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The Chinese government has been employing a bottom-up approach to sustainability through pilot programs in individual cities, boosting investment in clean energy by 20 percent since last year.
May 12, 2013   GreenBiz
Marc Stoiber offers suggestions for bolstering a city's green image by looking at several cities across the globe that have found success at marketing their own sustainable urbanism programs and initiatives.
Oct 26, 2010   GreenBiz
Cities in the Southwest are drying up. With less water to go around, water-intensive plantings like vast lawns are becoming an environmental faux pas. Now some cities are compensating residents for getting rid of them.
Jul 21, 2009   GreenBiz
<p>Rapid economic and physical development are posing problems for China's environment. But a new eco-friendly development model may soon replace the heavily resource-reliant "SuperBlock" development pattern.</p>
Nov 4, 2007   GreenBiz
A new report reviews how well the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Economic Performance Indicators have been applied by 33 companies, including GE, McDonald's, Novo Nordisk, Shell, Starbucks, and Toyota.
Dec 17, 2005   GreenBiz
A bienniel survey, Beyond Grey Pinstripes 2005, identifies the top 30 MBA programs for 'sustainable-business education' and names Stanford the top school.
Oct 26, 2005   GreenBiz
An editorial sifts through the differences between Integrated Waste Management and Zero Waste.
Oct 23, 2005   GreenBiz
Several experts talk about the government's role in developing a set of design criteria based on sustainability principles.
Sep 10, 2005   GreenBiz
A new study shows that the global pattern of "massive conversion" of of land use from natural to agricultural and urban uses has the "most significant impact on the world's biosphere."
Aug 12, 2005   GreenBiz
If American companies fail to invest in clean energy and carbon-neutral technologies, they will lose out in the global marketplace.
Feb 4, 2005   GreenBiz
South Carolina U. Creates an enviromentally designed complex for 500 students for the same cost as conventional construction.
Nov 12, 2004   GreenBiz