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Smart City

Universities bordering impoverished neighborhoods can do more to improve living conditions, according to the founders of LIFT, a group that trains volunteers. The group is featured on this week's episode of <em>Smart City</em>.
Jan 2, 2010   Smart City
<p>Walkable neighborhoods will be the new American dream, according to land strategist and developer Chris Leinberger in this interview from <em>Smart City</em>.</p>
Oct 24, 2007   Smart City
Smart City interviews Chicago's branding expert, Paul O'Connor, about how to brand a city.
Aug 16, 2005   Smart City
Imagining new uses for outdated railroads is creating exciting new opportunities for central cities.
Jul 10, 2005   Smart City
Smart City Radio interviews Alex Garvin on planning for the Olympics to Atlanta's Beltline.
Jun 4, 2005   Smart City
The research is in, and the results are clear: parks add economic value to cities.
May 8, 2005   Smart City
Miami promises to throw out its antiquated zoning code and start anew to make Miami the city its citizens want it to be.
Apr 25, 2005   Smart City
Author Dan Pink and architect and planner Andres Duany are guests on this week's Smart City Radio Show.
Mar 26, 2005   Smart City
60 million new Americans will need new schools, new roads, new water systems, just as states and cities have hit hard times.
Oct 24, 2004   Smart City
Design is a too-often overlooked asset that adds value to cities.
Aug 15, 2004   Smart City
When it comes to developing a city, the second time around is not easier.
Aug 8, 2004   Smart City