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As plans to pedestrianize UK city centers gain steam, Lord Richard Rogers, architect of the Pompidou Centre and advisor on urbanism issues to successive London mayors, has predicted a widespread ban on cars in London within 20 years.
Jul 15, 2013   The Times
<p>Hotel operator Travelodge is planning to build pre-fabricated hotels in Shenzhen that can be assembled in locales in need of a short term boost in rooms -- such as Olympic host cities.</p>
May 17, 2008   The Times
<p>Investors are moving forward with plans to build an amusement park in Baghdad, arguing the Iraqi capital is in dire need of entertainment facilities. Many worry that security concerns will disrupt those plans.</p>
Apr 24, 2008   The Times
<p>England's plans to build 3 million new homes by 2020, and much emphasis has been placed on making them environmentally friendly. The push for "eco-town" draw a strong parallel to the "Garden Cities" of the past.</p>
Apr 12, 2008   The Times
<p>In an effort to bridge the gap between the ideologies of developers and architects, a "speed-dating" session was set up to get the practitioners of these two fields to interact.</p>
Feb 26, 2008   The Times
<p>Paris plans to unveil an electric car-sharing service throughout the city to complement its successful bike rental system.</p>
Jan 9, 2008   The Times
<p>Cars will be banned from many of London's central city streets as part of a plan by Mayor Ken Livingstone to improve the city's pedestrian friendliness. Many critics say the roads chosen for the ban are too crucial to lose.</p>
Nov 16, 2007   The Times
<p>As global demand for ethanol and other plant-based energy sources booms, farmers have to make the choice between feeding people or feeding their energy habits. Many predict they will increasingly opt for the latter, causing food shortages worldwide.</p>
Aug 28, 2007   The Times
<p>With its traditional design and mixture of uses, Poundbury -- the experimental development created by Prince Charles -- is fast becoming the model for development in Britain.</p>
Feb 2, 2007   The Times
<p>As one of Europe's fastest growing regions, the burgeoning City of Inverness is grappling with its growth issues by contemplating the benefits of New Urbanism.</p>
Oct 10, 2006   The Times
In his latest book, the creator of the Gaia Hypothesis, James Lovelock, presents his views on global warming.
Jan 29, 2006   The Times