Mineola, NY has approved a new 257-unit transit-oriented development, which will benefit from a density bonus. The project is expected to pump $2 million dollars into the economy.
May 24, 2009   Newsday
<p>Looking to London as an example, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has plans to expand the city's closed-circuit video surveillance camera system.</p>
Oct 2, 2007   Newsday
<p>Architects in New York are trying to develop new types of long-term temporary housing as part of a design competition sponsored by the city and non-profit groups.</p>
Oct 1, 2007   Newsday
A portrait of the career of Lee Koppelman, chief of Suffolk County's planning department and executive director of the Long Island Regional Planning Board.
Jun 20, 2006   Newsday
On the eve of her introduction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, music superstar Deborah Harry of Blondie says that her "future will be in architecture and urban planning".
Mar 15, 2006   Newsday
In order to create a new New Orleans, we need to re-evaluate the role of government in housing the poor, redefine what we mean by homeland security, and learn to love our cities again.
Sep 7, 2005   Newsday
The city of Dalton, GA has thought of a new use for the 16,000 tons of carpet waste it puts out every year -- use it as fuel.
Jul 12, 2005   Newsday
The controversy over what to build at ground zero has been complicated, but is also "very New York". The real catastrophe would be to let the crater sit empty any longer than it must.
Jun 3, 2005   Newsday
Property rights, common good and charges of classism.
May 8, 2005   Newsday
As European whites evacuate for the suburbs, immigrants fill their urban spaces.
Jan 28, 2005   Newsday
The new Time Warner Center will cost $1.8 billion and become the most expensive single building ever planted in American soil.
Nov 18, 2004   Newsday