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Gil Penalosa was in the Twin Cities recently as part of the annual Placemaking Residency, convened by the Saint Paul Riverfront Corp. At the end of his stay, he prescribed 14 action points for Saint Paul.
May 19, 2014   St. Paul Pioneer Press
<p>In suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, homeowners are losing the battle to keep affordable housing our of their neighborhoods. This Pioneer Press article includes a video that nicely shows both sides of the issue.</p>
Jul 2, 2008   St. Paul Pioneer Press
<p>A new urban design center in St. Paul, Minnesota, allows residents to try their hand at city planning in hopes of educating the public about managing growth and development.</p>
Dec 8, 2006   St. Paul Pioneer Press
<p>By taxing land more than buildings, cities can encourage valuable sites to be used productively, rather than banked by investors hoping for even higher prices.</p>
Nov 27, 2006   St. Paul Pioneer Press
<p>A $1.5 billion dollar mixed use development proposed along the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been voted down by the city's planning commission after it refused to approve a zoning variance for 30 story condos.</p>
Oct 21, 2006   St. Paul Pioneer Press
The suburban form is taking over the world, and universities are expanding suburban studies to examine suburbia.
Nov 27, 2005   St. Paul Pioneer Press
In a bizarre legal fight in Minnesota, the oil giant wants to stop eminent domain for a public housing project by claiming its own land is too polluted for residents.
Jul 11, 2004   St. Paul Pioneer Press
Storage condos are seen as a new way to "atttack suburban clutter".
Jun 9, 2004   St. Paul Pioneer Press
Several school districts invest in a new approach to raising funds.
Jan 26, 2004   St. Paul Pioneer Press
Transportation appropriations bill wipes out the $600 million a year in federal funding that goes toward such transportation enhancements as walkways, bike paths, and similar improvements in fiscal year 2004.
Jul 29, 2003   St. Paul Pioneer Press
After years of unruly activity and damage by college student neighbors, the City considers a policy that would restrict student rentals in residential areas.
Jun 14, 2003   St. Paul Pioneer Press