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National Review

Stanley Kurtz traces the mechanisms by which he believes President Obama intends to "abolish" the suburbs in a possible second term, and the roots of his desire, stretching back to his training as a community organizer.
Aug 14, 2012   National Review
<p>New ozone standards will push the majority of American metropolises from compliance with to violation of the federal Clean Air Act. In this column, Joel Schwartz argues that ozone isn't the big problem.</p>
Jun 29, 2007   National Review
The police chief and criminologist-theorist argue that the crime-prevention theory really works, despite recent criticism.
Mar 8, 2006   National Review
In a post-9/11 and post-Katrina world, where mass evacuations mean an exodus in private vehicles, does a lack of appropriate freeway capacity represent a public safety hazard, asks Wendell Cox.
Sep 28, 2005   National Review
Thanks to higher speed limits, highways today are safer, not more dangerous, than ever before, writes Stephen Moore.
Dec 4, 2003   National Review
Why are cities "stealing" land and giving it to Costco? Ramesh Ponnuru examines the economic-development justification given by cities for seizing property.
Feb 20, 2003   National Review
Modern technology and transportation allows people to move away from cities. Is New York City's current crisis a harbinger for the decline of cities?
Jan 8, 2003   National Review
Smart growth strategies undermine President Bush's homeownership initiative.
Jul 12, 2002   National Review
Wendell Cox, a member of the Amtrak reform council, offers his perspective on Amtrak restructuring.
Feb 7, 2002   National Review