East Bay Express

Azeen Ghorayshi looks at how Oakland's civic hackers are trying to change the city through technology -- giving people greater access to data, increasing transparency, and keeping people better informed -- all with minimal investment by the city.
Jan 14, 2013   East Bay Express
Berkeley's popular plan to turn a section of Center Street into a pedestrian walkway with a stream and wetlands has been slowed by the fight over downtown development.
Mar 9, 2010   East Bay Express
Environmentalists in Berkeley and Oakland are realizing that the inner-city development they protested in the past is actually more eco-friendly than the alternative.
Jul 6, 2009   East Bay Express
An 800-mile HOT lane 'network' proposed for the Bay Area is now a bill in the state legislature. The MPO estimates it will reduce congestion and emissions while raising funds for transit. U.C. Berkeley's Pravin Varaiya insists it will lose money.
May 7, 2009   East Bay Express
Berkeley, CA was one of the first cities to use special utility districts to fund the switch to solar power in their community. Now the man behind the plan is trying to make the financing system national.
Nov 25, 2008   East Bay Express
<p>With the $10 billion bond slated for the November ballot in California, the latest twist in the long saga of delays is that environmentalists, unhappy with the proposed route into the Bay Area from the Central Valley, threaten to litigate the EIR.</p>
Jan 10, 2008   East Bay Express
Brought to you by the city's preservationists, who'll do anything to stop a bulldozer.
Sep 18, 2003   East Bay Express
Dr. Chuma Obiudu is helping a community discover the power of community gardens.
Feb 23, 2002   East Bay Express
Richard Register is the Berkeley, California's chief spokesman for building a 'Green' Berkeley.
Feb 1, 2002   East Bay Express