Palm Beach Post

<p>Efforts to improve oversight to keep the state's growth in check in Florida are being lauded, but development continues across the state and shows little sign of a slowdown.</p>
Dec 2, 2007   Palm Beach Post
Mayor Lois Frankel dismisses role downtown master plan in West Palm Beach's current boom.
Apr 2, 2005   Palm Beach Post
A backlog in getting development permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers is delaying development projects such as new housing, shopping centers, and roads.
Feb 23, 2005   Palm Beach Post
Former planning leaders voice regrets over growth management in Florida.
Feb 14, 2005   Palm Beach Post
Palm Beach County's state legislative delegation served notice on January 19th that growth in western agricultural areas could be taken out of county control unless the County Commission approves a growth plan of its own.
Jan 21, 2005   Palm Beach Post
Developer offers city cash to bend zoning rules.
Jul 20, 2004   Palm Beach Post
it's not about traffic planning and latest design trends -- education is the key to creating livable communities.
Jul 12, 2004   Palm Beach Post
The Palm Beach Post exposes how one of the biggest deals in Florida since Disney evolved.
Jun 28, 2004   Palm Beach Post
City to consider allowing taller buildings in exchange for more affordable housing downtown.
Jan 22, 2004   Palm Beach Post
Florida city may require employers to limit the traffic generated by their workers.
Jan 25, 2002   Palm Beach Post