Palm Beach Post

<p>Efforts to improve oversight to keep the state's growth in check in Florida are being lauded, but development continues across the state and shows little sign of a slowdown.</p>
Dec 2, 2007   Palm Beach Post
<p>More than 20 years after he helped the Florida Growth Management Act, Tom Pelham is back at the helm of the state's Department of Community Affairs trying to find a middle ground between residents and developers.</p>
Nov 28, 2007   Palm Beach Post
<p>Palm Beach County residents, 1000 Friends of Florida and environmental activist Rosa Durando have filed paperwork with the State of Florida this week to challenge County land use amendment approvals, and gain standing to participate in negotiation.</p>
Nov 18, 2006   Palm Beach Post
<p>This opinion piece from the <em>Palm Beach Post</em> accuses the county's planning commissioners of bowing to the desires of developers and showing little concern for the way the 'planned' land is to be used.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   Palm Beach Post
Unscrupulous lenders and brokers in South Florida promoting "exotic" loans blamed for a dramatic increase in foreclosures, with worse still to come.
May 31, 2006   Palm Beach Post
Despite working with rural property owners for seven years to develop a 'sector plan' directing growth in rural areas, Palm Beach County voted to send a proposed plan amendment allowing 10,000 homes to the State for review. Area residents object.
May 29, 2006   Palm Beach Post
The City Council of Riviera Beach, Florida, in an effort to outmaneuver the Florida Legislature, approved an agreement with a developer enabling a $2.4 billion waterfront redevelopment project that relies on eminent domain.
May 12, 2006   Palm Beach Post
West Palm Beach City Commission selects new firm to revise the City's Downtown Master Plan, based on form driven code authored by Duany-Plater Zyberk in 1996, with new, guideline driven code.
Nov 8, 2005   Palm Beach Post
An editorial weighs in on the impact New Urbanism pioneer Andres Duany will have in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast, and his dubious legacy in West Palm Beach.
Oct 19, 2005   Palm Beach Post
After years of simply talking about the area's affordable housing "crisis", Martin County commissioners unanimously adopted "inclusionary zoning."
Jun 16, 2005   Palm Beach Post
While Florida's real-estate boom has made affordable housing scarce and the state's income has increased, lawmakers seek to cut affordable housing funds.
Apr 13, 2005   Palm Beach Post