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The ubiquitous sight of a performer or musician asking for money in a New York City subway is conspicuously absent from Washington D.C. Metro stations, because busking is verboten in the nation's capital. A July lawsuit aims to change that policy.
5 days ago   Washington City Paper
Lydia DePillis profiles Washington D.C.'s planning director, Harriet Tregoning, and her efforts to reshape the city along smart growth principles.
Mar 9, 2012   Washington City Paper
Planning nerd bloggers like David Alpert of Greater Greater Washington are finding that they can have significant influence in the world of D.C. planning and development.
Sep 2, 2010   Washington City Paper
<p>As industrial areas convert to condos and a new baseball stadium eats up a large chunk of their former stomping grounds, it's getting harder and harder for strip clubs to find a place to operate in Washington D.C.</p>
Nov 20, 2006   Washington City Paper
The law requires developers to put down a deposit for unforeseen repairs needed by owners, yet the it can be very difficult for owners to get their hands on the money.
Apr 21, 2006   Washington City Paper
In Washington, D.C., "siteseeing" has proved increasingly alluring as construction projects abound.
Apr 12, 2006   Washington City Paper
A Washington, D.C. non-profit provides potential homebuyers with invaluable preparation, from financing to interior design.
Apr 1, 2006   Washington City Paper
The D.C. U.S. Attorney's Office proudly details success stories from cleaning up "nuisance properties" -- including crack houses -- on its website. But the results are mixed, at best.
Mar 12, 2006   Washington City Paper
A savvy lawyer continues to slide through a loophole in the D.C. Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, preventing longtime apartment residents from becoming homeowners at the time of sale.
Jan 20, 2006   Washington City Paper
A mysterious figure is waging a lone campaign to revamp the city's arrangement with professional baseball on the Washington National's new stadium.
Jan 12, 2006   Washington City Paper
In Washington, D.C., some apartment tenants are living without a landlord -- and without a high standard of living.
Dec 29, 2005   Washington City Paper