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"The city should consider road diets for all streets with excess car capacity, although they're not always politically easy," writes John Greenfield.
3 days ago   Crain's Chicago Business
Mary E. Morrison reports on a precipitous drop in the percentage of renters leasing parking spaces in new downtown Chicago residential buildings, causing developers to rethink the way they build and market their buildings.
Mar 30, 2012   Crain's Chicago Business
A sluggish housing market has stemmed the flow of young parents into Chicago's suburbs, putting pressure on city officials to make public schools better, John Pletz reports.
Mar 28, 2012   Crain's Chicago Business
The city of Chicago has missed a deadline to approve a pending parking fee ordinance that would have helped the city qualify for $153 million in federal grant money.
Jan 12, 2009   Crain's Chicago Business
<p>Developers in Chicago are hoping to reuse an old lamp factory building by transforming it into a green merchandise mart.</p>
Nov 22, 2006   Crain's Chicago Business
<p>A record-setting amount of apartments in Chicago were converted into condominiums in 2005, and Mayor Richard Daley has formed a task force to limit the trend which is rapidly diminishing affordable housing in the city.</p>
Oct 25, 2006   Crain's Chicago Business
After over a century of being cut off from Lake Michigan, the southeast side is gearing up for the newest, largest development project in years in the sleepy, working-class neighborhood of South Chicago.
Aug 8, 2006   Crain's Chicago Business
A zoning rewrite will impose tougher restrictions on downtown parking in Chicago.
Aug 26, 2003   Crain's Chicago Business
Residence hall blends modernity, ammenities, site appropriateness at the Illinois Institute of Technology
Jul 23, 2003   Crain's Chicago Business
If affordable housing is the goal, get rid of inclusionary zoning requirements.
Oct 1, 2002   Crain's Chicago Business
Nearly 3% of Chicago's land is designated as tax-increment financing (TIF) districts. Now, four years later, has it worked?
Jul 27, 2002   Crain's Chicago Business